SEK attends the Citizen’s Committee for New York Orientation and Networking event

Of the 700 applicants who submitted proposals only 290 received grants from Citizen’s Committee for New York City, including Shorakapok Earth Keepers. With over 200 guests representing every borough, there were many great visionaries, activists, organizers and every day people who developed a project to better their community. Shorakapok Earth Keepers was one of the 290 community projects that was selected from such a broad spectrum of imaginative, proactive and and downright cool ideas.

The evening began with a taste of wine and savory finger foods. All of the recipients of the grants were greeted by Mr. Peter Kostmeyer and the rest of the tireless staff of CCNY.

We then were walked through the process of officially receiving the grant, supportive services available through CCNY, and other how-to procedures. It was wonderful to put a name to a face. The second half of the evening was meant to hob nob with other leaders and learn about their skill sets and their projects.

All in all it was an exciting event to be part of and to realize that the vision of SEK is coming to life! Now it is time to start planning events. Stay tuned!





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