Shorakapok Mobile Indigenous Library

What a great day at the farmers market in Inwood, NYC. The FM is located at Isham St. b/w Seaman Ave. and Park Terrace West. The Shorakapok Mobile Indigenous Library (SMIL) seeks to educate the public at a grassroots level. Being in the sidewalk allows me to share with the public the importance of indigenous history right next to Inwood Hill Park. It was great meeting new people and talking to old contacts and friends. The SMIL also seeks to look for new volunteers for ongoing projects in the parks and the community. Today I met a fellow Caribbean woman who happen to share with her children that they are indigenous! It was great seeing the children smile and browse through the books. This is the mission of the Shorakapok Earth Keepers. The mission is clear. It is about empowering people to learn about their indigenous heritage and also provide a space for indigenous peoples to share their culture with the public; namely, in the parks and community spaces. SEK is in theearly stages of development. We need courageous indigenous peoples and allies to make a commitment to the mother earth and all living beings to maintain a sustainable future for the 7th generation.


2 thoughts on “Shorakapok Mobile Indigenous Library

  1. Books. Right on 🙂 and SMIL — what a concept! You are a teacher and creator of awareness, plus it looks like you, or someone you know, is well equipped for the physical realms, as well.
    I saw the work done on the spring by the south side of the soccer field. Bravo. Enormous dedicated effort. Thank you. The birds were singing and taking flight to tell their friends. Contagious avian awe.

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